Role of FDI and FII for the Indian Economy (Premium) - The Economic Challenger
Role of FDI and FII for the Indian Economy (Sample)
Role of FDI and FII for the Indian Economy (Premium)

We find that in recent times the FIIs have started selling their investments from the stock market and the impact is clearly seen in the the market instability. The 30 share sensitive Index of Mumbai Stock Exchange sensex is down to almost 15% and due to this it affects the growth path of India. It is very easy for FIIs to withdraw from the market. But on the other side if the investment is in FDI then the foreign companies will not liquidate their investments very easily and its impact of withdrawal will take time. Looking to both these impacts we should welcome FDI where we generate more employment at all levels and educate the manpower with more advanced level structure. FDI and FII are in India since long time then why should we oppose FDI in retail. Here are some of the facts to analyse why FDI or FII. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email

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